Hi there. My name is Dougal Thornton and I am the Managing Director of Stardrone®. 

Stardrone® was born out of two passions of mine photography and flying. I love photography and have been involved with it since I got my first little 110 camera when I was a child. Those early experiences of using film and learning how to take a photo and what considerations you must take when taking one lead me to this moment. With the latest aerial digital cameras I can take all that experience I have learnt over the years to give the best possible result for my customers.

The are three main elements to Stardrone® and the services we offer are Aerial photography, Film & Video, 3D Mapping and Surveys among many others. Stardrone® can also offer ground based versions of Photography, Film & Video.

As a customer you can choose to have just the raw footage (not available with 3D mapping) so that you can edit it yourself or to have post production added so that our talented image editors can give you the look you want for the footage taken (additional costs will apply).

We are VAT registered so all quotes will incur VAT at 20%.

 Official quote price may vary depending on location and site survey (required). Also particular jobs may require 3rd party assistance to complete and or for health and safety requirements.